L-Coins boost weekend!
Starting from today's restart time, and until monday's restart time, L-Coins droprate will be increased. You will be able to farm L-Coins faster! (up to 81.000 L-Coins per day).

New Lootbox: Chest of Seals
- Period:
• December 30 (2022) - January 13 (2023)
- Availability:
• Price: 75 L-Coins. Daily purchase limit per account: 700 pcs.
• Price: 2.000.000 Adena. Daily purchase limit per account: 300 pcs.
- Possible rewards:
• Guaranteed:
Giran Seal (Sealed) - 1 pc.
• Random:
Spellbook Chest - 4 Stars (Sealed)
Frost Lord's Weapon Pack (Sealed)
Talisman of Baium
Boss' Weapon Pack (Sealed)
Antharas' Earring
Frintezza's Necklace
Baium's Ring
Zaken's Earring
Orfen's Earring
Queen Ant's Ring
Ring of Core
Scroll: Enchant Rare Accesories
Breastplate of Protection
Gaiters of Protection
Leather Armor of Protection
Leather Leggings of Protection
Tunic of Protection
Stockings of Protection
Helmet of Protection
Gauntlets of Protection
Boots of Protection
Sigil of Protection
Shield of Protection
Scroll of Blessing (Sealed) - 1 pc.
Improved Scroll: Enchant A-Grade Weapon (Sealed)
Improved Scroll: Enchant A-Grade Armor (Sealed)
Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-Grade Weapon (Sealed)
Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-Grade Armor (Sealed)
+7 Dragon Belt Pack (Sealed) - 1 pc.
+5 Dragon Belt Pack (Sealed) - 1 pc.
+3 Dragon Belt Pack (Sealed) - 1 pc.
Life Stone - Circlet (Sealed) - 1 pc.
Life Stone - Accesories (Sealed) - 1 pc.
Life Stone - Weapon Lv. 2 (Sealed) - 1 pc.
Life Stone - Shield/Sigil Lv. 2 (Sealed) - 1 pc.
Life Stone - Armor Lv. 2 (Sealed) - 1 pc.
Growth Rune Fragment (Sealed) - 2 pcs.
Special HP Recovery Potion (Sealed) - 5 pcs.
Berserker Scroll (Sealed) - 1 pc.
Sayha's Blessing (Sealed) - 10 pcs.
Giran Seal (Sealed) - 20 pcs.
Giran Seal (Sealed) - 10 pcs.
Giran Seal (Sealed) - 5 pcs.
Giran Seal (Sealed) - 2 pcs.
Giran Seal (Sealed) - 1 pc.

Event: Rare Accesories crafting
- Period:
• Friday 30 (2022) - January 13 (2023)
- Rare Accesories can be crafted with a certain chance through the Special Craft.
- When failing to craft a Rare Accesory, you will receive Boss Accesory Fragments (except when attempting to craft Ring of Core).
- Boss Accesory Fragments can be exchanged for Rare Accesories, Scrolls: Enchant Rare Accesories, Improved Scrolls: Enchant Rare Accesories and Sparkling Accesory Packs through the Game Assistant → Events and Offers → Exchange Boss Accesory Fragments.

- Some missing items (Protection items) and NPCs (Dwelling of Spirits bosses) have been added to the DKP Manager.