Enchant/Compound level limit increase
- Cloak of Protection +8 → +9
- Agathion Petram +8 → +9
- Talisman of Eva +6 → +7
- Blessed Talisman of Eva +5 → +7
- Spinel Lv. 6 → Lv. 7
- Aden's Soul Crystal - Armor Lv. 11 → Lv. 14

Special Craft: Enchanted Items - Update
- Package: +8 Cloak of Protection (Sealed). Cost: Package: Cloak of Protection (Sealed) - 273 pcs. + Adena x1.000.000.
- Package: +8 Agathion Petram (Sealed). Cost: Package: Agathion Petram (Sealed) - 204 pcs. + Adena x1.000.000.
- +6 Talisman of Eva Pack (Sealed). Cost: Enchant Kit: Talisman of Eva (Sealed) - 284 pcs. + Adena x1.000.000.

Arcane Strongbox - Update
A new Arcane Strongbox has been introduced. The following change is applied:
- The obtained quantity of Aden's Soul Crystal Lv. 1 - Armor has been greatly increased, from 1 to 5 pcs. (increased by 5 times). This change will provide the possibility of developing your Aden's Soul Crystals - Armor way faster, and at the same time, be accessible for everybody.

Augmenting Stones - Update
- Augmenting Stone: Armor will be added to the L-Store. Up to 50 pcs. can be purchased daily, for an affordable price of 50 L-Coins each. We aim to make this utility item reachable by any player who wants to improve the defensive properties of his armor pieces.
- Daily Augmenting Stone Pack has been added to the droplist of monsters located in the following World zones: Forgotten Garden, Kelbim's Fortress, Pagan Temple.

Epic Bosses - Update
- Several Epic Priests, Epic Bosses, Fallen Angels, Epic Angels, and others, will have their stats increased to match the current server progression.

Random Craft
- Chances to obtain valuable items (such as Special Armors, Boss Weapons, Rare Accessories and others) will be increased.
- Armors of Protection and Frost Lord's Weapons are currently disabled, until further notice.

Catch-up - Introduction
A number of new features and changes on some already existant ones will be applied in order to promote a more enjoyable journey for new players joining Innadril, while also giving a boost to those who are already playing but have fallen a step behind in their character progression.
All changes mentioned on this topic will be added to the game on the Saturday 22 daily restart.

1. Battle with Keber
- For the first 15 minutes of every hour it is possible to fight Keber in the Plains of Glory, War-Torn Plains and Silent Valley hunting zones.
- During the specified time Keber's minions will spawn in the hunting zone. Start killing them and either Keber or his henchman will appear. They provide a considerable amount of XP and Adena rewards.
- If you've killed enough monsters before the boss appears, additional monsters will spawn. Kill them to obtain various rewards.
- Keber or his henchman will appear 10 minutes after the start of the battle. A system message will be displayed when it happens.
- You have 5 minutes to kill Keber or his henchman; if the boss is still alive after that, it will disappear.

2. Increased XP reward on low level Chain Quests
- During the Chain Quests process, there is a point that's required to just farm monsters until you can start the new Quest. We will shorten these periods all the way up to Lv. 76+.

3. Increased XP/SP
- Characters between Lv. 76 and Lv. 86 (included) will receive an Acquired XP/SP Bonus to speed up their progression and catch up with the average playerbase level faster.

4. Newcomer Equipment Kit
- A new item named Newcomer Equipment Kit will be added to the L-Store → Events and Offers.
- It contains valuable Time-limited items to boost your character and speed up it's progression. Items contained in this Kit will be updated on every new period.
- Time-limited items can't be enchanted, compounded or modified.

5. Arcane Coffers
- Arcane Coffer Challenges will have their rewards increased on the following hunting zones: Plains of the Lizardmen, Dragon Valley - West, Cruma Tower - 3rd Floor, Bee Hive, Cruma Tower - 2nd Floor, Dragon Valley - East, Sel Mahum Base.
- The increased rewards from Arcane Coffer Challenges include XP Lanterns, Spirit Traces, Magic Lamp Charging Potions, Ancient Adena and enchanteable items (ie. Talisman of Aden).
- On the same previously mentioned hunting zones, One-time missions will be updated, in accordance with the current enchant/compound level limit set on the server.

6. Arcane Strongbox - Weekly Purchase in Account Panel - Store
- Every week, a certain amount of currently available Arcane Strongbox will be available to be purchased on your Account Panel - Store, which can be purchased with your ingame balance (Euro)
- The purchase limit will be set with a weekly period, and the Strongbox will rotate on every new update.
- More info will be provided on a further announcement.

Class Balance - Upcoming Updates
- Starting from the Friday 28 weekly update, every week we will provide a small class balance patch in order to make a wider variety of classes more likeable to be played.
- During the following week, a proper announcement will be given with more information regarding this topic.

- Fixed an issue with Tanas chase range.
- Fixed an issue with Provoke Aura not being triggered as frequently as should.
- Fixed an issue with Talisman of Insolence and Talisman of Baium giving their effects together, while Talisman of Baium should override the other.