New Gift Calendar
- Event period: July 28 to September 8.
- You can read info about all the new rewards on the following link:

Enchant/compound level limit increase
- Dragon Belt +6 → +7
- Talisman of Speed +6 → +7
- Circlet of Hero +5 → +6
- Opal Lv. 6 → Lv. 7
- Moonstone Lv. 6 → Lv. 7
- Venir's Talisman Lv. 16 → Lv. 22
- Aden's Soul Crystal - Weapon Lv. 11 → Lv. 14
- Hardin's Soul Crystal Lv. 11 → Lv. 14

Special Craft: Enchanted Items
- +6 Dragon Belt Pack (Sealed). Cost: Dragon Belt Pack (Sealed) - 284 pcs. + Adena x1.000.000.
- +6 Talisman of Speed Pack (Sealed). Cost: Enchant Kit: Talisman of Speed (Sealed) - 177 pcs. + Adena x1.000.000.
- Package: +5 Circlet of Hero (Sealed). Cost: Enchant Kit: Circlet of Hero (Sealed) - 80 pcs. + Adena x500.000.

Special Craft: Blessed Items
- Blessed Talisman of Speed: can be exchanged/enchanted up to +6.
- Blessed Dragon Belt (new): can be exchanged/enchanted up to +6.
- Blessed Circlet of Hero (new): can be exchanged/enchanted up to +5.
- When crafting a Blessed Dragon Belt or Blessed Circlet of Hero, if the Dragon Belt or Circlet of Hero placed in the first slot contains an augment, an option to keep the augment is added. This option requires an Adena fee to be paid. If you don't want to make use of this option, you can remove Augmentions before crafting the Blessed item, or place the augmented item in the second slot.

About Dragon Belt
- Because of the relation between the normal and the blessed Dragon Belt, increase their enchant level limit separately doesn't make much sense, since a higher level of a normal Dragon Belt may give better bonuses, but only the Blessed Dragon Belt will provide the Dragon Protection barrier skill.
- For this reason, we will first update Dragon Belt enchant limit (from +6 to +7), and add Blessed Dragon Belt up to +6, but on next weekly update (August 4), the Blessed Dragon Belt exchange/enchant level limit will be updated to +7.
- From this point, both Dragon Belt and Blessed Dragon Belt will be updated at same time in the future.

About Venir's Talisman
- Venir's Talisman Lv. 12 (Sealed) can be crafted through the Special Craft → Talismans. Cost: Venir's Talisman Lv. 6 (Sealed) + Venir's Talisman Fragment (Sealed) - 860 pcs.

- Fatal Critical Strike effect from Glorious Circlet will be updated according to the enchant limit increase on Circlet of Hero.
- Fixed an issue with DKP Manager → Item Ranking Bonuses not adding Rank Points when an Aden's Soul Crystal Armor was inserted.
- Fixed an issue with DKP Manager → Item Ranking Bonuses only counting the first inserted Aden's Soul Crystal Weapon if the 2 of them were of the same level.
- Fixed an issue with monsters from Imperial Tomb entrance having Fire Attribute instead of Earth Attribute.
- Fixed an issue with Harpe's Guard and Judge of Shadows dropping Enchant Kit: Talisman of Authority, instead of Talisman of Authority.
- Fixed an issue with Wild Evolution not giving Speed +20 bonus.
- Fixed an issue with Pa'agrio's Grace and Pa'agrio's Power Veil being possible to be dispelled by alt-clicking them while shouldn't be possible.
- Fixed an issue with Growth Rune Lv. 16-25 not granting it's bonuses.
- Fixed an issue with some new collection not granting it's bonuses.
- Fixed an issue with several augmentation effects not granting their bonuses.
- World Map is now correctly displaying time left for Epic Bosses, Epic Priests and others to be respawned.
- Fixed an issue with world announcement when claiming Hero status not displaying class name of Vanguard Rider and Assassins classes.
- Fixed an issue with Shield of Xilenos equip condition.
- A fix has been applied on the Dark Disruption skill, in order to update the list of cancelled and blocked transformations and unique buffs. Skills are now correctly blocked during the debuff duration, and unblocked once the debuff ends.
The following skills are cancelled and cannot be used for 10 sec. when the Dark Disruption skill is active:
Ultimate Death Knight Transformation
Titan Champion
Rolling Dice
Legendary Archer
Blazing Beast
Overwhelming Power
Crusader Transformation
Prime Master Transformation
Light Veil
Shadow Veil
White Guardian Transformation
Dark Assassin Transformation
White Assassin Transformation
Pirate Transformation
Collect Light Souls
Collect Shadow Souls
Absorb Light Souls
Absorb Shadow Souls
Kamaels' soul absorption doesn't work when the Dark Disruption skill is used.
- Critical Damage Resistance has been slightly increased on Tower of Insolence 2nd Floor (except for Possessed Judge).
- Critical Damage Resistance has been slightly increased on Skeleton Death Lord (Tower of Insolence 4th Floor).
- Critical Damage Resistance has been considerably decreased on Tower of Insolence 5th - 12th Floors.
- From now on, if during auto-hunting a monster reset it's position because of going further from it's maximum chasing range, your character will change target instead of follow that monster.
- Fixed an issue with Mission level's Final reward not being possible to be claimed.
- Fixed an issue with item skills not being automatically updated depending on the highest enchanted level item equipped (ie. when equipping a +1 Ring of Core and a +2 Ring of Core).
- Fixed an issue with Atk. Spd. and Casting Spd. minimum cap multiplier.
- Growth Rune has been added to the DKP Manager → Item Ranking Bonuses.