New Event: Death Knight Base's Defense
- Period: August 18 - September 1
- You can read all info about the event on the following link:

L-Coin drop increase
- The amount of obtained L-Coins obtained by hunting monsters will be increased from 20 to 25.

Piercing Mask - Changes
- The enchant level limit will be increased: +5 → +6.
- Package: +5 Piercing Mask (Sealed) can be crafted through the Special Craft → Accessories → Enchanted Items. Cost: Enchant Kit: Piercing Mask (Sealed) - 80 pcs. + Adena x500.000.

Aden's Soul Crystal - Changes
- Aden's Soul Crystal - Armor compound level limit will be increased: Lv. 14 → Lv. 17.

Newcomer Bonuses
- A new Newcomer Kit can be purchased on the L-Store → Events and Offers (available for characters Lv. 40+).
Contains the following items:
+2 Queen Ant's Ring (Time-limited)(Sealed)
+2 Orfen's Earring (Time-limited)(Sealed)
+1 Zaken's Earring (Time-limited)(Sealed)
+1 Baium's Ring (Time-limited)(Sealed)
+1 Frintezza's Necklace (Time-limited)(Sealed)
Queen Ant Doll Lv. 2 (Time-limited)(Sealed)
Orfen Doll Lv. 2 (Time-limited)(Sealed)
Core Doll Lv. 2 (Time-limited)(Sealed)
Zaken Doll Lv. 2 (Time-limited)(Sealed)
Baium Doll Lv. 2 (Time-limited)(Sealed)
Frintezza Doll Lv. 2 (Time-limited)(Sealed)
- Growth Support passive skill bonuses are now extended up to Lv. 88. XP/SP bonus has been increased: +800% → +1000%.
- The increased XP/SP reward while doing Chain Quests has now been extended up to Lv. 81+ Chain Quests.

PvP Zone Area
- From now on, in a 2500 range around certain Bosses, characters will flag (purple nickname).
- PVP Zone area follows the Boss, which means that if the Boss is moved from it's spawn position, the area will move with it.
- Bosses included in this feature are the following: Epic Bosses, Epic Priests, Epic Angels, Fallen Angels, Behemoth, Hellbound Bosses, Steel Citadel Bosses, Frost Lord Castle's Bosses.

- Damage Decrease effect (Hidden Power 4th slot) has been re-enabled to work on both PvP/PvE. Brief explanation about this effect: Damage Decrease decreases a fixed amount of received damage from an enemy (even down to 0, if the decreased damage is higher than the damage dealt). Damage Decrease Ignore acts as a counter for the previous mentioned effect, decreasing the effectiveness of the Damage Decrease effect (Attacks don't deal additional damage, but they ignore some of damage-decreasing effects of enemies).
- The following Command Channel instances now require 10 members to enter instead of 15: Frintezza's Battle, Dwelling of Spirits, Valakas Temple.
- HP of Epic Bosses, Epic Priests, Epic Angels and Fallen Angels has been increased by 50%.
- From now on, the character who's holding the Flag inside the Orc Fortress, is immune to pull effects.
- Fire Dragon's Blessing Scroll can now be auto-used.