Improved x1 Server / Purple x3 Server

New Lootbox: Hero’s Catch-up Chest II (Improved Server)

  • Increased chance of special items and dolls.

New Lootbox: Shiny Box of Souls (Purple Server)

Catch-up Event (Improved Server)

  • Added Dolls.
  • Added Venir’s Talisman Fragment (Sealed) with reduced price in Adena (30% discount). Sold in packs of 10 pieces.


  • An issue with some Mechanical Hero’s skills, is now fixed.


  • An issue with some Frost Lord’s weapons, which couldn’t be blessed, is now fixed.
  • An issue with new Boss’ Weapon Pack, not announcing obtained reward, is now fixed.
  • Event: Four words as goal (Letters event) will be extended until June 6.


Improved x1 Server / Purple x3 Server

New Lootbox: Hero’s Epic Chest (Improved Server)

  • Antharas Earring has been added.
  • Cursed Scrolls have been added.
  • Scroll of Blessing’s chance has been increased.

Catch-up Event: Hero’s Epic Mark (Improved Server)
From the new Lootbox, you will obtain a new Mark which can be used to craft Rare Accesories via Special Craft.
You can obtain +0, +1 and +2 Accesories. If you fail the craft attempt, you will obtain Boss’ Accesory Fragments (except from Core’s craft).
These fragments can be exchanged for Rare Accesories, Scroll: Enchant Rare Accesories and Improved Scroll: Enchant Rare Accesories.
To access the Exchange Shop, open your Game Assistant → Events and Offers → Exchange Fragments.


  • Following stats of 4-stars Servitors (Cat Emperor, Unicorn Guardian, Blade Lord) have been corrected: P. Atk., P. Accuracy, M. Accuracy, P. Critical, M. Critical, SS/SPS consumption.
  • An issue with HP bonus from certain Talisman Hellbound levels, is now fixed.


Improved x1 Server / Purple x3 Server


  • An issue with Sealed Rare Accesories, which couldn’t be Augmented, is now fixed.


Purple x3 Server and Improved x1 Server will be merged.
Purple server will act as base server, which Improved server will be merged to.

  • Characters’ nicknames from Improved server will have extra characters added, and one free nickname change will be granted for them.
  • All characters will be transferred, but only a max of 7 characters can be shown in the character selection window. If you can’t see the character you want to select, you will need to delete others.
  • Collections will be combined between both servers, so no progression is lost.
  • Following items will be deleted from both servers: Special HP Recovery Potions, Giran Seals and Giran Seals Packs. Use your Giran Seals before the merge to not lose the profit from them.
  • L-Store and Special Craft will be reworked in accordance with the merge.
  • Heroes from Improved server will be cleared. Heroes from Purple server (base) will be maintained.
  • Purge data will be cleared from both servers.
  • Random Craft charges amount will be cleared from Improved server, and maintained for Purple server.
  • Random Book Craft charges amount will be cleared from Improved server, and maintained for Purple server.
  • Magic Lamps amount will be maintained for both servers.
  • Premium Account status will be maintained and combined between Purple and Improved servers.
  • Characters who haven’t been logged for 1 year or more time, will be deleted (this will only affect characters from Purple server).
  • Catch-Up event will end. Following event-related items will be deleted: Hero’s Adventurer Mark, Hero’s Catch-up Mark, Hero’s Epic Mark, Boss’ Accesory Fragment (Improved server).
  • Magic Powder event will end. Event-related items will be deleted (Elixir Powder Boxes will be maintained).

Additional info about Merge:

  • Characters from Improved server which have a similar nickname than a Character from Purple server, will have _x1 characters added to their nickname, and when trying to log in for first time, a window will be shown allowing them to change their nickname. This can be done only once.
  • Season Pass will be resetted for everybody.
  • Offline Shops will be resetted.

New Lootbox: Chest of Fellowship


Event: Queen Ant instance will start

  • Event duration: June 18 - July 1
  • Changes:
    • Queen Ant is now Lv. 85.
    • Instance can now be entered with a 15 members’ Command Channel.
    • Droprate of items has been increased.
    • Daily Mission: Killing Queen Ant, now grants Einhasad’s Protection — 3 pcs.
  • More info:

Event: Adventurer’s Welcome Kit will start

Event: Best time is now will be updated


  • Chance to obtain 4-stars Spellbooks via Tomes of Blood system has been increased.
  • Chance to obtain 3-stars and 4-stars Spellbooks via Random Book Craft system has been increased.
  • Epics Bosses’ droprate has been increased for certain items.



  • An issue with Event: Best time is now’s XP multiplier, will be fixed.
  • Active Anticheat will be updated.



  • Stockings of Protection’s trigger skill will be updated from Arcane Shield Defense to Defense Shield.
  • An issue with Bloody Weapon’s debuff, which was being displayed in buff bar instead of debuff bar, will be fixed.


  • An issue with Spellbook: Fortune Time, which was not being shown in Special Craft, will be fixed.
  • Text corrections will be applied on Devoted Circlet of Hero and Devoted Boots of Evasion (according to changes applied on trigger skills).